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Hello! I’m Kami. I am an Integrative Health Coach and the founder of Wheelwork Integrative Wellness. I offer wellness coaching, education, and energy and mind-body work services to people who are seeking support on their life journey. I hold space for growth, healing, transformation, and resilience-building by focusing on identity work and energetic health, which opens the door for clients to live an empowered, inspired, harmonious life.  

I have always felt called to the study and practice of healing through connecting with others. My work allows me to draw on my personal and professional knowledge and experience as I support others on their wellness journeys.

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Kami Lerma, PT

Integrative Health Coach / Physical Therapist

Kami Lerma is a mother, wife, publisher, integrative health coach, physical therapist, and a complementary care practitioner.

She has over twenty years of experience in health and wellness and has spent that time working with individuals and families, helping clients put practices in place that set them up to thrive. She has also studied holistic wellness practices and modalities including energy healing, somatic healing, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage and bodywork, and prayer and meditation. Kami has also played a role in education as a parent/caregiver, professional, and community education facilitator and as an editor for one of the top online continuing education platforms for physical therapists. Her training from Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach allows her to merge her knowledge and experience in the use of conventional and complementary practices to support others as they improve their health and wellness and find harmony and alignment in their lives.