Compass is a process-driven wellness coaching program that was designed to support participants as they use their compass -- their knowledge of their identity, their vision and their values -- to move through a season of transformation that allows them to grow, heal, transform, and step into alignment with their soul identity. 

This program is for those that want to move in the direction of life’s grand possibilities but are unsure of where or how to start. It is for those who need an accountability partner to stay steady. It is for anyone who wants to overcome their blocks and barriers in order to become their best selves. And, it is for those who are looking to take actionable steps to move into alignment.

This is a coach-guided, client-led program that uses an evidence-based process to support the use of authentic transformation to achieve alignment with soul identity. Participants create new behaviors, habits, and shifts in mindset that allow transformation to flow. Blocks and barriers to growth and healing are exposed and broken down making space for new possibilities.

At the conclusion of this process, participants will have had the opportunity to learn new skills that allow them to reorganize their lives in ways that increase life harmony. They will have moved from a place of knowing what they want to a place where they can realistically move toward a lifestyle aligned with their soul identity. This shift makes it possible for the participant to become the person that they were created to be -- a person who is capable of living a life of purpose and joy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this coaching program work?

This is a three month program consisting of six or twelve sessions (depending on your enrollment) with each session lasting around 1hour, 15 minutes each. A six session series will have sessions spaced about every two weeks. A twelve session series will have weekly sessions. These sessions will take place virtually using the Zoom platform.

How do I get started?

This program is for participants who have previously gone through the Whole Life wellness coaching program or a similar program through another provider. If that's you, then start by completing the pre-enrollment question above. Once received, you will receive an email to complete your enrollment and schedule our first visit.

Do you accept insurance?

I am afraid not, but I can provide you with documentation of our visits that may be helpful to you in working with your insurance company.