Whole Life is an educationally-based wellness coaching program that can benefit anyone who is experiencing disharmony in their lives and is ready to engage in the process of positive change.

The Whole Life program uses evidence-based practices founded in psychology, neurology, and energy medicine to hold space for authentic transformation. Participants are guided through the process beginning with the creation of a firm foundation to support the work. From there, we move through mindful examination of the many facets of their whole life and health before taking steps to rediscover and awaken their soul selves. Finally, participants are guided through a process of discernment which allows them to mindfully engage in their transformative journey.

Throughout the course of the program, participants will create their own personalized journal containing insights and tools that they discover along the way. This journal will grow and change with time, and will be a valuable resource to them throughout their life. This program creates an opportunity for participants to rediscover their soul self and transform their life into one that is in alignment with their purpose. This will give them the opportunity to walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and with a sense of clarity so that they can fully live their Whole Life, joyfully and harmoniously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this coaching program work?

This is a three to five month program consisting of ten, 90-minute sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. These visits will take place virtually using the Zoom platform.

How do we get started?

That is easy! Start by completing the pre-registration question above. Once received, you will prompted to complete your enrollment and schedule our first visit.

Do you accept insurance?

I am afraid not, but I can provide you with documentation of our visits that may be helpful to you in working with your insurance company.